CCX Labs is an incubator from CommerceCX that builds:

Solutions that complement Salesforce & Conga products.Accelerators to enhance Salesforce implementation experience.

The Story Behind CCX Labs

When Salesforce products did not address specific user cases of enterprise
customer, System integrators customized the products for them

As each customization involved huge development and maintenance costs, CommerceCX branched out to CCX Labs to:

  • Developed solution templates based on patterns
  • Built accelerators (bolt-ons) and products to institutionalize solutions

How Accelerators Help Customers!

  • Made implementations predictable
  • Implement Salesforce solutions quickly
  • Lowered total cost of ownership
  • Accelerate solution adoption

How Accelerators Helped Implementations!

  • Pre-built and pre-tested components integrated with Salesforce quickly
  • Pre-built and pre-tested functional scenarios reduced testing efforts
  • Tested for responsiveness for all factors, operating systems, and browsers
  • Made it easy to predict timelines, outcomes, and minimized risk

Evolution of Pricing Operations Manager

  • One of our accelerators helped customers across verticals accurate quotation generation problem.
  • This accelerator evolved into Pricing Operations Manager
  • The product continuous to evolve and has, till date:
  • – Brought down quarterly pricing update time by 80%
  • – Achieved above 98% accuracy in pricing

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