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Supercharge your Customer Experience with An Advanced Contract Pricing Operations Manager

Use this powerful add-on solution in your CPQ tool to reduce errors and time in your pricing engine.

Contract Pricing Operations Solutions

Single Source of Truth for Product Pricing

Super-Fast Pricing Calculation

Pricing Across Contract Hierarchy

Built Natively on the Salesforce Platform

Near Real-Time Data Sync

APIs for Integration and Reporting

Why Contract Pricing Operations Solutions?

Before Contract Pricing After Contract Pricing
9% revenue loss every year 2% annual cost saving.
10-13% reduction in operating and processing cost.
30% increase in renewal revenue.
Months of long sales cycle 24% shorter sales cycle
Several weeks to get contract approval Reduce this time 80% with CLM software
Incorrect pricing erodes customer confidence Accurate pricing increases customer confidence
Before Contract Pricing After Contract Pricing
Long contract negotiation cycle. 50% faster contract negotiation cycle.
Complex pricing calculation leads to wrong payment 75-90% decrease in wrong payment
Incorrect pricing erodes customer confidence Accurate pricing increases customer confidence and increases the speed of purchase
Before Contract Pricing After Contract Pricing
Lead verification is complex for the marketing team with no data. CRM integration with CLM helps the marketing dept to verify the lead list.
Understanding all customer touchpoints is difficult without data. Enhance CX by reaching every customer touchpoint and understanding Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
Understanding customer trends is hard with no data on the customer lifecycle. The marketing team can create efficient campaigns by tracking customer trends with data-driven insights.
Upselling and cross-selling are complex if you don’t know who your customers are. Enhance upselling and cross-selling with an accurate customer list.

Use Cases

Inaccurate Pricing Mechanism Long Contract Pricing Time
Inaccurate Pricing is a major issue while calculating the price based on multiple bundles. When businesses need to present contracts for many customers, manual pricing techniques create errors and inaccuracy.

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A human-driven pricing strategy takes a long time to calculate prices for numerous contracts. The sales reps calculate the prices by manually applying discounts to many contracts and it is time-consuming.

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Accelerate your complex price calculation time with Contract Pricing solutions built on a Salesforce Platform.