Pricing Operations Manager

Shorten sales cycle by 24%Reduce revenue lossGain Customer Confidence with accurate pricing


Shorten Sales Cycle

  • The time taken to identify right contracts, right version of pricing sheet, calculating prices and discounts could take weeks.
  • With Contract Pricing Operations Manager the entire process is automated, and quotation is generated in minutes. Sales team can email it instantly.

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Time spent on redundant tasks is 9% of operational costs
  • With Contract Pricing Operations Manager you automate many tasks that help you
    • Reduce operating and processing cost by 10-13% .
    • Increase in renewal revenue by 30%.

Gain Customer Confidence

  • Incorrect pricing due to wrong discounts erodes customer confidence.
  • With Contract Pricing Operations Manager, always send accurate and real time pricing and gain customer confidence.

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