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Inaccurate Pricing Mechanism

Pricing errors happen when your sales team needs to calculate the price of multiple contracts at the same time manually. Sometimes, your existing system can’t calculate the total price in the contract if customers cancel the product. Like this, there are thousands of pricing errors that happen in contracts every day.

How Contract Pricing Can Help you?

Sole Source of Truth for Product Pricing

Contract Pricing from CommerceCX provides a single source of truth for product pricing. This module calculates the optimal price for any customer-specific product combination. Our Contract Pricing system keeps track of pricing at the regional and national levels. It uses price criteria based on a variety of factors, such as tiers, units of measurement, duration, one-time use, and subscription.

Fast Pricing Calculation

Manage your numerous contracts using built-in intelligent logic to deliver correct price and discounts in a matter of seconds, speeding up your pricing computations for complex quotes.

Pricing Across Contract Hierarchy

Facilitate pricing calculations relying on various contract types as frameworks for contracts, buying groups, and much more. Also, CommerceCX’s Contract Pricing takes contract hierarchy or account hierarchy into consideration to enable right product pricing.

Near Real-Time Data Sync

The near real-time data synchronization with the product master data of our Contract Pricing module helps to offer accurate product pricing, product hierarchy, and contracts.

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